Health Insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland provides some of the best healthcare in the world.

Everyone who resides more than 3 months in Switzerland is required by law to obtain health insurance in compliance with the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance or LAMal (LAMal is the acronym of the French term Loi sur l’Assurance Maladie). Some 60 approved companies offer healthcare insurance options. Major providers include Helsana, CSS, Mutuel Assurance, Assura, and Swica. Due to the multitude of options, the complexity of the Swiss health insurance system, and the potential financial risk you take if you make the wrong decisions, this is not a domain to be taken lightly. Read on, blog, or contact Charlie for professional advice to bring clarity and to help you make the best decisions about the coverage most appropriate for you and your family.

The Swiss healthcare system is structured around a minimal compulsory public coverage referred to as LAMal. The compulsory LAMal health insurance plan should be supplemented with private complementary health insurance plans whose legal base is the LCA (LCA is the acronym of the French term, Loi sur le Contrat d’Assurance). This complementary coverage should be used to improve comfort and to cover the multiple areas that remain unprotected under the basic LAMal plan.